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SURGE and Vault
Friday, 24 November 2006
I have a vast love affair with all things related to Coca-Cola, and Coke collectibles. More specifically, I love anything to do with archaic sodas of old, or rare ones. I love Vault, since it is Surge under a new label. I also love Surge collectibles, because they are rare, and somewhat valuable. Here are some pictures, as well as a description of some pieces of my collection.

First, a picture of my two SURGE T-Shirts (since then I have another one too), my in-the-package SURGE inflatable can, my two SURGE CDs, my SURGE fountain sticker, and my SURGE hats (the top hat is super rare).

My new condition SURGE clock. It screams "SURGE" and flashes on three particular hours.

Finally, the centerpiece. My 10 SURGE cans (all but one is full). Notice the giant can on the top middle. Since this picture, I have acquired a bottle of URGE, the still-in-production Norwegian cousin of SURGE, as well as a rare SURGE 20oz bottle, a SURGE coozie, and a SURGE keychain. Did I forget to mention that I have a ton of other Coke collectibles, including Vault products. Another honorable mention would be my sealed 12-pack of Mountain Dew Pitch Black II. I also have a full can of Citra.

To find out more about SURGE stuff, see SAVE SURGE, and to learn more about the tastiest thing since SURGE, Vault, see Vault Kicks, both of which are ran by a guy named Eric. He is a soda champion!

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