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Original XBox - No eeprom? No valid XBox Partition Table? NO PROBLEM!
Tuesday, 27 July 2010
I know this is really pretty late, considering that I'm tinkering on an old original XBox. I got it at a garage sale for $35 with 4 controllers and the DVD kit...I figured it was a fun toy.

As soon as I got home, I set out to softmod the thing and install XBMC. I got that all setup and working, and then needed to use 360Xplorer to modify some things - it crashed, and I lost one of the partitions. I ended up getting xboxhdm to try and just rebuild the drive. I followed the guides to make my disk (though I didn't have my eeprom.bin saved!). Oh noes! It would seem hope is lost, judging from 20-30 posts on the same issue made by others I've found.

I have found a way to fix it. Go ahead and build your xboxhdm setup with your C and E drive files inside, and then proceed to hotswap your drive by unplugging the power to your XBox DVD drive, and then turn it on. Once it displays Error 12, plug the cable that usually plugs into your desktop's main hard drive into the XBox hard drive, after removing the IDE cable connecting it to the XBox. Make sure you just have the XBox and your drive with xboxhdm connected at this point, with the XBox drive on the primary IDE channel.

Proceed to turn on your computer, and boot into xboxhdm. Run xboxhd and see if your drive is still unlocked. If not, you'll need to reboot your computer with the xbox drive still connected, and once it gets to the xboxhdm boot screen, wait, and do the XBox hotswap process again by unplugging the XBox drive from the desktop, plugging it back to the XBox, and powercycling the XBox until it shows error 12 again. Then, reconnect the drive to your computer which is still on, and hit enter to boot.

After running xboxhdm, you may do something like wipe out the fatx partition table, or you may just have some weird stuff going on with the partitions (like them not being detected). The solution? Read on.

First, cd into /xboxhdm/xbox. Then, perform the following commands, one at a time:

dd if=head.raw of=/dev/hda bs=512k

dd if=fatx.raw of=/dev/hda seek=1 bs=512k

dd if=fatx.raw of=/dev/hda seek=1501 bs=512k

dd if=fatx.raw of=/dev/hda seek=3001 bs=512k

dd if=fatx.raw of=/dev/hda seek=4501 bs=512k

dd if=fatx.raw of=/dev/hda seek=5501 bs=512k

Finally, run "fdisk /dev/hda" and then hit "o" followed by Enter to create a new DOS partition table, followed by "w" and Enter to write it.

Proceed to run xboxhd again and select "1" to rebuild the entire drive. It should give the "[OK]" and walk you through the rest of the process! Hooray!

No muss, no fuss, no dumping of the eeprom that you should've done (I should have done :D ) in the first place, no more money to spend unlocking the #$*%ing drive.

XBMC here I come!
Anton Sombetzki   | |2010-10-12 12:56:31

Are you sure this works? Because I lost my E partition containing my
eeprom and more, and my xbox still boots but doesn't find a hdd (because of the
missing E partition).

And I don't want to format my HDD or something else
without ever having the chance of recovering my eeprom...

So, you really sure
about this? If so, I'm gonna get at it right away!

Thanks in Advance!
Matt Parnell  - Worked fine for me...   | |2010-10-12 18:27:14
No gurantees, but it's always worked for me.
Anton Sombetzki   | |2010-10-14 03:45:38
Hmmm, can't get it to work...

can't even cd into the correct folder, because it
says that the folder doesn't exist!? Very strange... wich version of XboxHDM did
u use? I'm trying xboxhdm 1.9, and I just can't navigate to the right

Help would be really appreciated
Roberto  - Cant get Hotswap to work!!!   | |2011-01-15 16:40:37
I've been at this for days. I have tried the hot swap for hours and I am able to
get the error 12 but ever time I try and running xboxhdm after I try rebuilding
the HDD I get a message saying:
/dev/hda not found
...Hard Drive is not locked
but locking is enabled.

You post is the first I come across on how to rebuild
the /dev/hda tables but I cant cd into /xboxhdm/xbox/ its say not a directory.
Can you please give a step by step on how you accomplished this. Many thanks in
Thomas  - /xboxhdm/xbox/ not a directory   | |2011-02-06 09:32:37
I am getting the same error when I do the command.
cd /xboxhdm/xbox/ not a

has anyone got to make the partitions and the partition table?
Dan It   | |2012-02-04 16:29:56
You have to run xboxhd at least once for the directories to show up.
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