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Get Digital DVD Quality Satellite TV on Your PC
Monday, 06 November 2006
Updated: September 24, 2009

Currently, this doesn't work anymore due to the advent of new encryption, Nagravision 3. Find out more about Nagra3 here.


This guide describes actions that may or may not be legal in your location. I do not advocate, condone, or practice satellite TV piracy. It is not my fault if you use this information illegally.

Should you choose to watch signals from a "bird" with pay channels, and decrypt them, you legally can only watch the channels you pay for, meaning you have a set top box hooked up to your TV as well. I suggest deleting the channels you don't pay for from the channel list in the program I discuss below, so you aren't tempted to watch them illegally. By reading below this bolded text, you agree the author, Matt Parnell is not responsible for any illegal actions or consequences you face for doing otherwise.


This is aimed at Dishnetwork, but will work with other providers. I do hope you only use channels/provider(s) you pay for, and have legal rights to watch! It isn't my fault if you break the law.





That said, there are a few things you need:

  • A computer, at least 1ghz or so, and 512megs or more ram suggested
  • A DVB satellite card. eBay is a good source for these. Mine is a Twinhan VisionDTV, USB model 7021. Anywhere from $50 on up.  
  • A satellite dish that is pointed at a DVB supplying bird in your view of the sky, with at least one KU band LNB. See If you are having trouble, see Dish's guide here.
  • ProgDVB -
  • vPlug (to be extracted in progdvb/plugins) - DVB Skystar Has the Newest versions 
  • DVB Stream Demuxer (install k-lite codec pack, make sure to select 'Main Concept's filters checked in the installer's checklist)
  • Key files for Decryption - You can find the updated files for decryption on the last page of this thread. You can get the keys from the Dish Keys menu item on the left. Just place the files into the progdvb/plugins directory, as well as the Progdvb root directory. If for some reason these files don't work, get the new set of keys from the menu to the left or by clicking here. Then, use vPlug's built-in editor to enter them. When a new key set comes, just use vPlug's built in editor. Note: If you don't pay for Disnetwork service, DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT DECRYPTING THEIR STREAMS, IT IS HIGHLY ILLEGAL, WITH UP TO 5Yrs in PRISON, and a Felony! 


Note: The ProgDVB Manual has screenshots illustrating many of the steps below.

Make sure your DVB card, whether internal, or external USB, is already installed, and connected. If it is a TwinHan card, download the newest version of TwinHanDTV at their site, and install it while your card is connected.

Make sure that the coax going from your switch/LNB is connected to the coax plug on your DVB card!

Install ProgDVB to the default path in C:/ProgDVB, and extract the file into the ProgDVB/plugins directory, and place a copy of the key files inside as well, making sure to put a copy of them in the root progdvb directory as well. Once complete, run ProgDVB, and make sure it recognizes your card (for the TwinHan 7021 select TwinHan (WDM). Then, go to Settings > DiSEqC. If your satellite dish has a switch with two or more lnb's, choose accordingly. For my Dish 500, I choose mini, because a mini switch has two LNB's, as my dish does. One is pointed at Echostar 7, and one is pointed at Echostar 5. 




Now, Click Add LNB. If you are using a Dishnetwork LNB, select circular, and set the LOF to 11250. Otherwise, the default should work for you. Then, simply choose the name of the bird you have your dish pointed at. Repeat for multiple LNBs, if you have them.


Once complete, hit ok. Then go to channel list > channel search. Select one of the satellites. A window with two progress type bars should show up. No bars means you don't have proper reception, aren't pointed correctly, or don't have the correct LOF, etc. Up to 15 min later, you should have a list of channels found. Again, repeat for any other satellite(s).


Once you have a channel list, I suggest deleting the channels you don't pay for/the adult channels at your own discretion.


All you have to do then is click a channel, wait for vPlug to decrypt the ECM hash (provided your key files are new), and then you should have video. I know that with my card, I have to select a channel, wait for the little lock in the left hand bottom corner to go from red to green, and then restart the program to get video. I think this is my card's fault, and not ProgDVB's.


ProgDVB can record, too, and you can get extensions that allow you to record multiple channel streams at once.


There are unencrypted (Free to Air) channels too. You can legally view those with no legal stuff to worry about. They appear green in the channel list.


Point any questions you may have to one of the sites below:

You can do other cool things with these cards, like intercept/grab a copy of satellite internet streams as they come down. This is a form of packetcatching, and therefore illegal. I haven't attempted this, but people seem to be doing it and grabbing movies and things. Sounds cool, and were it legal, I would try it. I neither advocate, condone, or practice this, though.

jim   | |2007-07-09 01:37:20
dude you rock.. thanks for all the info.
hi   | |2007-08-05 05:32:43
can you tell me how to input the nagra keys in the correct format in V

Thanks alot for this tutorial
nod   | |2007-08-17 18:43:35
sure open vplug, click on editor, then copy and paste them in either 00 or 01
dont change the rest. Tip in vplug editor you can type in 0101 and click search
it will show only dish results.
Drifter   | |2008-06-02 16:39:16
Thanks Matt for the DVB-S info.
First saw your posts on I-Hacked_com .... very
jef   | |2007-09-08 06:13:36
This account has been suspended.
Either the domain
has been overused, or the reseller ran out of resources.
jim   | |2007-10-01 16:50:45
will any dvds internal or external card work? their are some cards that do the
decrypting in the card. Is one of those cards needed in order to watch sat tv.
Can you use a dvds card that uses your cpu to decrypt and if so, do you need
additional software?
joshua   | |2007-11-02 13:44:14
I need a software that can open channels on my satlite reciver
Cohort   | |2007-12-22 04:44:05
Hi guys,
do any of you know mutch about the NDS encryption method used on some
satellites? can they be decrypted?
cool site!
DVB_Junkie   | |2007-12-30 19:24:39
Thanks Matt for the basic steps to test a Dish Network Scoop & the
Following your basic plan, ... and a bit of time ... my DVB testing is
almost finished.
Used a Geniatech USD SatBox ($30. on eBay), My Theatre V3.38
and vPlug 2.0.2,
The Dish Keys do "Autoroll" with vPlug.
Happy New
Year in 2008
okknodd   | |2008-01-29 14:44:56
your better off hacking their equiptment
chris   | |2008-04-27 18:58:24
is there any way to get is on my tv?
chris   | |2008-04-27 19:05:55
and how do you hack there equipment?
John brown  - Question   | |2009-06-19 21:52:27
What is intercept/grab a copy of satellite internet streams? Can anyone give me
more info on thi s What the term called
joe flow  - ?   | |2009-08-23 21:15:32
does dishnetowrk alerted if someone is using there signal without paying? How do
people get caught? Thanks great site
Anonymous   | |2010-05-05 15:24:36
Anonymous   | |2010-08-21 01:32:58
nasreddine  - Etudiant   | |2010-09-20 09:31:28
how can get pls a signal of anik 1 or more sateelite cable outside ameruica ,
any solution ? thank's for help iam from morocco, excuse my english
robert  - Anonymous   | |2011-04-07 13:40:12
Hmmm... I have this picture of you walking around with a miniature satellite
dish strapped to your head, kind of a high-tech electronic beanie for the 21st
matie  - good work   | |2011-08-07 08:46:58
thanks but i have not tried yet i have to buy a card and see how it work good
job thanks
andrew  - satellite   | |2012-03-18 01:17:22
hi matt how are you i am andrew writing from uganda and i would like to inquire
oon issues regarding setilite internet
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