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Recent Goings On - Magazine Articles, Linux, SEO, and School
Wednesday, 11 November 2009
     Well, I was unkowingly featured in "Linux Format" issue 124 in a way, as they mentioned my apt-fast script in the article "Make Linux Faster, Lighter, and More Powerful" (linked to page 6 of the article where apt-fast is mentioned). I love the fact that my involvement in the Linux community has been chronicled yet again, as it was back when I was maintaining deb packages for the Ubuntu version of the Zen Kernel.

     Outside of that, I'm ecstatic, as a domain and it's subdomains I own that were removed from Google's index have been reinserted. I have an idea it's a result of WHOIS changes and new links, but can't be sure exactly why. Whatever the case, I hope I can once again monetize these sites to their full potential. The only problem is that AdSense still seems to have these sites blacklisted from displaying ads...oh well. Text Link Ads is where it's at anyway. If you have any wordpress blogs, you should sign up. TLA is automatic and they'll just dump any money you make into your PayPal account.

     That said, I haven't been very motivated to do anything lately. Next semester is my last college semester, and I'm at the end of the current one. I have 4 papers to write, 3 tests to take, and a lot of other things in between. Then, I have to find a way to fit my sister's wedding and a 3 week trip to possibly Russia all in the month of May around the same is good, but man...

     I've recently been taking a nootropic called Piracetam, which catalyzes caffeine and increases memory. The wiki article has good information on that. With it, I'm taking Huperzine A, which I have no idea whether or not it's helping me...

    I'm still hoping to find my purpose in life, as a life without purpose is somewhat pointless. I contribute positive things to the world and humanity, but in the end it's a matter of finding God's will for me and doing it. God is what defines and substantiates me, and makes me real. Honestly, without God the Father and my savior, Jesus, as well as the Holy Spirit to guide me, I don't know what would make life worth living, let alone substatiate a valid reason for me to exist...

In the end, though, I guess things will pan out...
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