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NSA Spying - Darker Things Below the Surface
Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I, like most Americans am appalled by the NSA's actions in intercepting and storing every piece of data they can about generally every person on Earth, especially American citizens. In doing so, they are quite obviously breaking Constitutional law, which is supposedly the law of the land, through their loose interpretation of the Patriot Act. While we can see on the surface that their reason for doing so is to prevent crimes and catch terrorists, there are deeper, darker reasons that seem to lurk beneath the surface.

I speculate that one deeper reason for the storage and collection of all this data is to allow artificial intelligence and statistical analysis of the data in an effort to predict the future. The web bot project has already done this with some accuracy (source). Advertising agencies have already been employing such tactics for a while as well (source 1, source 2). With the sheer amount of data the NSA has, they could theoretically predict one individual's possibilities for major decisions, actions, and their outcomes, and do the same for larger groups and nations as a whole. With such data, one could theoretically predict crimes, stock market swings, wars, diseases, and yes, even terrorist attacks. With such tantalizing possibilities, how can anyone with the ability to use these applications resist the urge to do just that for their own personal amusement and gain? We know that they already have issues with people spying on their love interests, so how can people resist going deeper in an attempt to make themselves rich and powerful?

From there, with a large amount of postings, articles, voice, and video recordings, statistical analysis can be done on people's voices and writings (stylometry), and facial recognition can be used on videos and images. In doing so, anonymity can be destroyed if enough data has been analyzed. Anonymous internet postings can have their authors identified, anonymous voices can be unmasked, and cameras can be made to automatically track your every move around a city.

All of this, but for what, and why?

It may sound like a conspiracy theory, but it lives in the realm of possibility. My best assumption is that federal, state, and local governments, as well as many corporations are involved in a concerted effort to keep the general public happy, ignorant, fat, and working to continue their own power, wealth, and comfort. The "system" that exists within the world today is designed to keep the affluent where they are by continuing the relative slavery that the general public lives under.

Today's culture is thus designed to make sure that every "Joe Sixpack" takes his psychotropic drugs and drinks his fluoridated water. In doing so, he is kept calm to the point that he only cares about the politics that his favorite news channel discusses, the food he eats, the sports he watches, and the beer he drinks. As long as the majority of people comply and remain mentally asleep at the wheel, government and business leaders of the world are able to keep the population complaint, fat, ignorant, and working - all for the riches and power that they have grown accustomed to.

Let's wake up and do something about it!

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