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Sites that I am friends with, and sites that I want to give a free plug because I think you should check them out.
Image   Bookmarks Description Hits
  I-Hacked Hevnsnt's great site devoted to all things hacking. 264 
  I-Hacked Edge Hevnsnts blog 271 
  G2P Use Google to download "P2P" style. 453 
  Tweako - Social Tutorial Site A beautiful take-off from Digg which focuses on technology based tutorials. Doesn't seem to have the "everyone has the mentality of a 12 year old" problem like Digg. 443 
  Ask the Admin A great site, to which I am a contributor. Has all sorts of questions that you would want to ask your admin, but never will. Accepts questions, too. 339 
  Gtalk Applet - Use Google Talk At Work A way to get around yet another program commonly blocked by annoying webfilters. Click the ads if anything interests you, as this supports CodedChaos projectseeds. 355 
  CodedChaos Project Seeds Hosting Free Web Hosting, No Ads, No Catches. We're just cool like that. 208 
  Phreakhacks Here at Phreak Hacks we a dedicated to hacking of all kinds. We offer tips and tricks to make your life easier by enhancing the use of your personal equipment. 236 
  Jeff - Official Songwriter of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy My dad's site, where he shares the political satire songs he writes, discusses politics, and basically creates lots of trouble. Don't click if you are liberal, and don't feel like getting mad right now. 220 
  Project Blockerbuster - Get Around Webfilters The ultimate circumvention site - all sorts of methods to beat that annoying filter once and for all! I love it! 344 
  CodedChaos - Main Site This is his main page, currently it is just splash. 211 
Results: 1 - 11 of 11

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