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 Root  Stuff You Shouldn't Know 
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Stuff You Shouldn't Know 
From cool and/or dangerous projects to anarchy, you can find it here.
Image   Bookmarks Description Hits
  2600 - The Hacker Quarterly A really good security/hack/phreak magazine. Quarterly 369 All sorts of historical text files from the days of BBSes. There are current ones as well. Anything from anarchy to Apple IIs 368 
  Audio Archive From An archive of phone conversations 361 
  InHuman - \"Create-A-DUN\" Hacks the NetZero encryption algorithm and encodes your username and password so that you can use regular Dialup Networking 162 
  Cable Tv Descrambling I used to be obsessed with this stuff. Now 360 
  Streambox VCR Streambox Vcr Suite 2 is a bundle of 8 software products that help in capturing and recording media streams from the internet to your hard drive 394 
  Cable Descrambler Plans These are plans you have to buy most of the time. Not now. 361 
  Brian Carrs Home Page This guy has many resources for Windows CDkeys, among other things. 298 
  Linkbase This site has some legal and some illegal projects, ideas, etc. 463 
  Media Search through Google Find nearly any file using this automated script, including MP3 files. 273 
  Fake Name Generator Go here if you need an artificial identity/fake identity. Useful for sites that require you to register. 290 
  HP Company Secrets How to get past automated TSR lines, and more! 281 
Results: 1 - 12 of 12

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