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 Root  Projects and Hacking 
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Projects and Hacking 
Projects and other items. This deals with hacking projects, phreaking, electronics modification.
Image   Bookmarks Description Hits
  American Science Surplus An amazing supplier of useful scientific tools, gadgets, electronic parts, and more! Link leads you to a catalog request page. Browse around the site too! 218 
  Dvbskystar Has all of the most recent satellite software updates. 221 
  GSM Files Gigabytes of Phone-related files, sorted by brand!!! 226 
  DVBN Satellite Forums For all of your satellite questions 241 
  Jigglybyte - Modify the Belkin Tunecast These modifications are illegal 247 
  Prox Cards- Home Built RFID Hacking Lots of useful information and schematics. 258 
  Lyngsat Channel/location information for various orbiting birds. 287 
  Instructables How-tos with all sorts of interesting projects. From LED throwies to LED Rat (yes 293 
  C++ Reference Library Very useful, for those of us learning C++, and for veterans of the language as well. 298 
  iPod Linux Linux Based firmware for the iPod 306 
  USB Video Camera BB Gun - Remote Control Use this puppy from anywhere in the world over the internet to keep your home safe! These can kill, though, so be careful. 313 
  Afrotech Mods Cheap / "ghetto" mod projects. 328 
  MAKE Magazine Even more cool projects! 331 
  Tech Library Various interesting projects that are worth looking into. 333 
  Temple of the Screaming Electron - TOTSE While there are illegal/illicit items on this site 338 
  Premade Softcam.key Files They seem to update daily. I dont know how good they are 343 
  DishNetwork ECM Keys Get the ECM keys from this forum. They keys forum is a little ways down the page. 353 
  Epanorama This site amazes me. So many projects 353 
  Rockbox Alternative firmware for many music players 354 
  Hackaday The place to find some of the coolest hardware hacks of all time. 359 
  DealSpy Find all sorts of cheap stuff listed on the internet. 384 
  Cardsharks Tells you through text 404 
Results: 1 - 22 of 22

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