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The 10 Reasons: Google is Evil
Tuesday, 07 August 2007
I am a bit angry at Google, as a few of my sites have been delisted. Among other irks, I am starting to think Google is somewhat evil, if not totally. Maybe the robots they have running things are evil, or maybe it is the people running the show.

Either way, here is why I think Google is evil:

  1. Google isn't nice to webmasters, as many times the relevant result is way below the fold, and sometimes is on the next page. This is bad when crap pages are there and are keeping people from getting what they need.
  2. Google's advertisements are a scheme to take over the world...the online one, anyway. Google's ads are hardly ever relevant to the information on the page for many subjects, and they are not very pretty. Webmasters should be able to choose the fonts for the ads, not just the colors.
  3. Google is taking over the corporate world with their network appliances, that index everything shared on a network. What if Google is building invisible backdoors in these? If they are, the Government probably has its tendrils in all large corporations' networks.
  4. Google is very picky, in the sense that it is selective in the pages it actually does index. When a website has over 50,000 pages and Google only indexes 12,000, it can keep good content from ever being read by anyone.
  5. Google likes money, yet they support open source. I really hope that Google doesn't end up finding a way to somehow "own" any open source software, which they could then make closed. Then, Google would have even more to profit off of.
  6. Google cooperates with various governments to censor search results and prevent circumvention of filters. Even though they don't talk about it, many sites in the US have likely been blacklisted by the government.
  7. Google does email. Gmail is great, everyone and their grandma has it. The problem is that with the indexing of all of our emails, Google has lots of power, which means your respective government has lots of power, as Google will cooperate with it. Think about China.
  8. Google has lots of applications, and is acquiring more all the time. This is bad in the sense that a lot of these applications phone home. The Google toolbar, for example, sends "anonymous" information back to Google for unknown purposes.
  9. Google records all of the information they can get. Your search queries, IP address, and surfing habits are all recorded. I hope that this info isn't anything incriminating for you. Personally, I use Customize Google with Firefox to stay a bit more anonymous.
  10. The Google cookie on many of Google's applications expires in 2038. Why do they need a persistent cookie with a unique ID number for each user? Who knows. What we do know is that Matt Cutts, an engineer at Google, once worked for the NSA. Does that make you comfortable?
You can find more information about Google and its closet full of skeletons here. Note that I do use Google, but I try to be more careful. I wish you all safe browsing!
Tuesday, 07 August 2007
Has anyone else noticed the growing number of articles in Spanish on Digg? I look at the upcoming articles list, and I see anywhere from 5 to 10 stories in Spanish. I belive in equal access for everyone, across all ages. We see other articles in Digg from various languages, and I believe all of these have their place, but it does seem unfair to those who speak languages other than English, since their stories can never make it to the front.

Therefore, to be bold, I propose Digg add multilanguage support. That way, these stories that probably have good merit and value can make it to a front page- regionalized for their language...

Anybody have any thoughts on this one?
Google De-Listed Some of My Sites
Tuesday, 07 August 2007
I have a few sites which are considered to be content aggregators by myself. They pull content from varioius RSS feeds, and apparently Google has started hating them. I went from having 12,500 pages indexed collectively to none overnight.

I removed the Text Link Ads from those sites, since Google apparently doesn't like them, and submitted a reinclusion request for each. Although the content may seem to be duplicate, my aggregators serve a purpose, especially Freebies From Across the Internet, which grabs freebies from all over the internet and puts them into one convienient, searchable (used to be searchable through Google custom search) place. Go ahead and check that one out.

While I will admit that a couple of them were somewhat spammy due to some of the sources they pulled from, I really feel it was unfair that G pulled these pages. When I set some of them up, I had the intention of doing Blackhat SEO, but instead they all were a shade of grey, except for the freebies site which was legit and good (I got a free HD Audio fiber cable from it recently)...What am I going to do? One or more of the following:

  • Beg you for inlinks to Freebies From Across the Internet (You would have my eternal thanks)
  • Try to get these sites pages' more indexed by MSN and Yahoo (they already are in there, just not many)
  • Try to get G to relist at least one of these sites (Working on it, will tell you how that goes)
  • Mirror the content on a different domain
  • Any combo of the above
Oh well...whatever the case I have to work now. I have a funny - the control arm broke on the service truck, and I held a floor jack as we carefully backed the thing out of the shop...what a sight!
Certegy Emplyoyee Sells My Personal Information
Thursday, 02 August 2007
I got a letter in the mail today from a credit card (or some type of payment processing) company named Certegy. Apparently, they do online businesses in the game industry (among other things?). Anyway, the letter gave the last 4 digits of an account number (off of a credit card) that was in the mix of stuff this ex-employee stole and sold to a "data firm." They say that they don't think the information is being used nefariously, although the information of 99,000 of the 2.3 million users included credit card data. The scumbag that did this is named William G. Sullivan, and investigation is pending.

The company has issued letters to affected users, and has also set up ways to combat any theft that may occur. In my case, I am totally safe, and the joke is on the scammer, because the card information they got for me was an American Express giftcard, which was spent dry long ago.

Keep an eye out for a nondescript white envelope arriving at your house via First Class mail.

More sources of information:
Certegy Employee Steals & Sells Consumer Data
Employee Sells Personal Information
Vista Users: Get Your Leaked Patches
Tuesday, 31 July 2007
Thanks to information to the InsideMicrosoft blog, I have managed to find these patches which are destined to be released on a Patch Tuesday in the future, so that you can try them. I do have Vista dual booting on my laptop..I prefer Kubuntu (but I digress). These patches have improved my Vista installation significantly. I can't believe I'm saying this, but kudos to Microsoft for fixing a lot of what made Vista feel like ME 2.0.

 The full features of these fixes (both x86 and 64 bit) are below. Download links are below, please pick the archive with the patches for your architecture. (Disclaimer: If these break your computer it isn't my fault.)

For the full specs, see below:

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