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If Elvis Were An Alien from Another Planet....
Monday, 10 September 2007
I have recently thought about some serious and non-serious assumptions that claim Elvis Presley was an alien being. In that light, I thought I would expose this Top-Secret photograph providing proof of this assumption. Click to enlarge.

Feel free to republish, just save it and don't hot link or I will kill you.
Sports Taken Too Far - Public School Spending
Friday, 07 September 2007

I don't rant all that often anymore here on my blog, and since that is the case, and since I haven't had a good rant in a while, I thought I would go ahead and give another one ago, to get something that is annoying me off my chest. Recently, my former highschool has built a new building, which was needed (unfortunately, they also destroyed the best Cross Country course in the district, because Cross Country isn't a "popular" sport...grr), and have spent the taxpayer dry. They then proceeded to push another tax issue so that the school could buy unneeded sports equipment. By equipment, I really mean new multi-thousand dollar aluminum bleachers, new buildings, and other things the school didn't need. That funding needed to go into academia, and not sports. Schools aren't here to make athletes. They are here for education across the spectrum. While many students are lead into sports careers, it remains a fact that the majority does not.

Anyway, what really irks me is the fact that the band and choir budgets haven't been raised in 10+ years. The choir barely scrapes by, and the band ends up begging the parents for money halfway through the year, as the budget in their coffer is already exhausted. Taking those FACTS into consideration, why the heck does the school need new bleachers, and buildings? Maintenance of what the school previously had is understandable, as well as improvements. But I am going to guess that this project cost $75,000 if not $100,000+. The new bleachers have a "premium" section that the school is hawking season passes for for $50 so that they can buy yet even more sports crap. In this case, the "premium" seats (they have backs, versus regular bleachers) are going to fund a football tunnel for the team to run through. Hot diggity! That is really needed to further the educations of our world's young minds. Moreover, these new bleachers are all metal, and we are in tornado alley. Can anyone say "lightning rod?"

While new concessions/lavatory buildings are a welcome improvement, the bleachers and the future football tunnel are unneccessary. The old bleachers were metal framed with a wood surface. Simply replacing the wood planks would've been much cheaper, and just as effective.
Alongside these football projects, we have the new tennis court (we already have one that could just be resurfaced), and a new foot ball practice field. Besides destroying the beauty of the rural school look, money is being thrown around for the sports director like a drunken sailor with a 3 day pass.

One more: The school recently has tried to get funding from Oprah. Why? They wanted to buy a gigantic rock wall for the gym. Needed ? NO!

With all of my bellyaching about this, there is a point. The money needs to go to majorly academia related projects. New desks? Update the computers? New books? Actually fund the fine arts and give them a budget? Where do I select all of the above? The sad fact remains that the majority of today's people care more about sports for their children than they do about actually nurturing their child and giving them a worthwhile education. I can tell you now that my children will be homeschooled, at this rate.

Site Running A Bit Better
Wednesday, 05 September 2007
Due to some stupidity on my part, the site now looks a lot better on the content pages. The intro now correctly displays only on the main index page, which makes me feel a lot better! Among other things, I also updated Joomla.

I have also decided I am open to a limited number of outbound links from this site as advertising oppertunities. Just a few words, text link only. I can feature your link at the bottom of the main index page, the about page, the Surge page, the Satellite page, or the Dish Keys page. . Make an offer, and I will consider it.
College Freshman: 10 Things I Wish I Would've Known
Friday, 31 August 2007
I am now a Sophomore in college, and since my Freshman days, I have thought of and implemented several things that have made my college experience more enjoyable, and more fun. Many of them revolve around one thing: LOOSEN UP! That said, read on!
  1. Scared Freshman Syndrome is a terrible condition that afflicts many new collage students. The only known cure is to loosen up, and relax. Yes, focus on your studies, but also make sure to have good amounts of social time.
  2. Be Social! It doesn't matter what class they are in, but socialize, especially with the opposite gender! It is worth it! You may even end up finding “the one!” Why be a wallflower like you were all though middle and high school? Live a little and dial down the pucker factor!
  3. Go to campus events when you can! I am a commuter, which means that I never hear about most social events, and hardly ever get to go out with my friends, which really does stink. Provided you know something is going on, buck up and go!
  4. Be involved in extracurricular activities. Join some clubs, or get into the choir, or band! You may even get a few free vacations out of it, and learn a lot and have fun while doing it, too! Take advantage of what you are offered for all of that tuition money that you pay in!
  5. Be open to new ideas. Don't be so set in stone that you can't even see from someone else's point of view. If you see from their point of view, they are more likely to learn from you when you give your points. Though this, you can also come to new levels of friendship with others.
  6. Hang around in public areas on campus and don't just stay in the dorm, or at home. You can't make friends if you are locked away in your little hole somewhere. Don't live on the computer (I'm working on that), and don't just sleep every free moment you have.
  7. Sit in the front of your classes, if you can. You will get more out of the class, and whether you intend to listen or not, your professor will come to think you actually do care, and will end up liking you, giving you an upper hand to the students in the back.
  8. Make friends with professors. Yes, they may be older than you, but you would be surprised as to how many professors are actually fun people. You will always run into several sour apples, but my personal experience shows that professors are capable of fun.
  9. Drop the superiority complex. You aren't any better than anyone else, and if you are, you shouldn't hold it above their head. Instead, try to be social and make friends!
  10. Always have a plan B. No matter what, whether it be an assignment, a job opportunity, a girl or guy, or anything else, have an alternate plan. You won't always work things out with the first shot. Be prepared for trial and error until you finally succeed.
Not Much Going On
Monday, 27 August 2007
I haven't had much going lately. I am getting ready to go back to school Wednesday, and I also am working on several web projects, among other things. I have other stuff going on tech-wise, including my preparations for (hopefully) getting OSX86 to work on my laptop. Besides that, I am doing repair work on family members' computers as usual, and dealing with more spyware and virii than even I could imagine.

Not much going on, but I will think of something a little more interesting to post here later....
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