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New Way to Make Money Online
Friday, 25 January 2008
Every webmaster wants to make money off of their site somehow, which stands to reason. Webmasters, such as myself, tend to spend lots of time developing sites and writing quality content. It isn't any good if you can't eat, though. While adsense and affiliate marketing do a good job most of the time, there is a new way to monitize traffic: Pay Per Play audio ads. No ad is visible upon the site, but when a user is on the site for more than two seconds, a 5 second audio ad will play. Every three minutes, the user is greeted with another 5 second ad. Not very obtrusive. Every visitor will be putting money in your pocket, at rates likely around $0.02. With 100,000 hits, that isn't too bad!

To learn more, click here and sign up. Payouts and advertisments start in February.
Mozilla Firecat
Monday, 21 January 2008
This is my cat, can share this, just provide a link back to can just copy and paste the code below the image to put it on your site or your MySpace, or whatever.

Put this image on your site (must be linked):

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

Ripping DVD's With Handbrake
Thursday, 03 January 2008
Just wrote a quick little Windows DVD ripping tutorial over at Ask The Admin using DVD43 and Handbrake...Check it out!

Gee, Thanks HP...Your Support Stinks!
Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Update 3: I am now able to boot using no special commands like noapic with the newest nVidia beta driver (169.07). The driver itself has problems as it keeps me from using the console as it is extremely fuzzy, and moves around also seems to prevent me from being able to properly reboot or shutdown.

Update 2: Many people think I don't have linux running on the laptop...I do, I am just not satisfied, as lapic is not functional, thus I can't save power and have more speed as a result of using High Res Timers...Other than that, it is a great laptop...except for the fact they wanted to charge me $700 to put in a new lcd...I did that myself for $200....see that rant here.

Update 1: Oh...and to HP: I apologize if I came across as trying to defame HP, or trying to imply that the quality is not good. I was more or less going on trying to get a good response from the geek community in order to fix my problem...which hundreds, possibly thousands of other folks have. I love my laptop, I just dislike having to disable apic at boot...I found a fix for the lapic bug, though, which turned out to be the bios, but the fix disables a bios setting that is hidden. So I can use HR timers and dynticks now...I apologize to HP for any misunderstanding. There are employees at HP that care, and I have been in contact with a couple of them..contrary to popular belief, they actually care about getting Linux on the HP lines.


Well, I am sick of not being able to use High Resolution timers, which my hardware supports on my HP dv9205us laptop, but the BIOS has bugs, and will not allow me to, because it won't boot Linux without the "noapic" in grub's boot parameters. This feature would greatly speed my computer up, and use it's full potential...It is really nice of HP to use the "the customer is always right" mentality, especially when I contacted them and asked nicely if they could fix the bios and re-release's what I got back:

Hello Matt,

Thank you for contacting HP Total Care.
From your message, I understand that you would like to have a fix for BIOS compatible with the Linux Operating System.

I am very sorry to inform you that, HP supports only the preinstalled Operating System. HP is unable to guarantee how Linux Operating system will function on a PC not originally designed and/or tested for this new operating system.

Matt, HP does not recommend installing of Linux Operating System, it could not guarantee a high level of compatibility for all basic hardware and software components of the PCs. PC device drivers (including graphics, BIOS, chipset, etc) for some PC components may simply not be available. I regret for the inconvinence caused. HP does not support Linux on any models of HP Pavilion PCs at this time. Information about Linux can be located at the following Web site:

HP pre-installed the latest version of the Microsoft Windows operating System (98, Me, XP or Vista) on your Pavilion PC. The Warranty on your Pavilion system does not apply to software not provided by HP and does not apply to defects or errors in hardware resulting from software not provided by HP with that system. Please review your PC documentation to identify the supported operating system.

I once again apologize for any inconvenience that this information has caused you.
If you need further assistance, please reply to this message and we will be happy to assist you further.

HP Goon

Well...wasn't that nice of them, to basically tell me to screw off in a friendly way?...Anyone good at bios hacking? How about somebody mods this bios for me and fixes it, and perhaps unlocks all of the "hidden" features within while you're at it? You'd have to find a way to test it other than using my computer, but emulators are available...

A Study of Modern Political Issues in Context of the Founders' Intents
Tuesday, 18 December 2007
Author's Note: I (Matt) didn't know about the new breakthrough in  embryonic stem cell research allowing creation of fetal stem cells without embryo cloning or destruction. Please remember this when you get to the "life issues" section.


    The purpose of this paper is to explore several key subjects of political argument and explore the likely reaction to these subjects that the framers of the Constitution and founders of our country would have had. If the learned individuals who set up our government were around today, these early Americans would be grappling with the issues regarding life and abortion, as well as education arguments, the all-important “wall of separation” between church and state, and many other modern-day political topics. With a focus on several of the more influential founders and analysis of their own religious and political values, coupled with the study and analysis of historical documents, and the Bible on which many of the founders believed, the goal is to determine the original intent for America. Furthermore, the aim is to discover likely solutions to many modern political issues by gaining insight into the founders' thought processes and values, and applying them to modern issues to find a resolution.

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