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Current Goings On, Updating Some Things
Thursday, 21 May 2009

This is a general post that I'm doing to just keep my site alive and hopefully make sure that all 2 of you who read this are still with me.

Items of interest include the following:

I need to update the satellite TV article. Lots of changes in the methods of using it have happened, and soon, DishNetwork will be switching to a new encryption algorithm called Nagra3. You can read about this in more detail by clicking here. I'll go ahead and update things. You can get current keys and plugins here...instead of vPlug, I suggest using EmuNation.

In the political realm, lots of things have rubbed me wrong. It starts with the "Rightwing Extremism Report," (PDF) which implicates everyone who believes in Yahweh and has a gun in the Midwest and classifies them as terrorists. Apparently it's been revised since then and updated to profile even more white groups. Think about it, racial and religious profiling is frowned upon, except in this case where the feds are profiling innocent white churchgoers. How nice.

Further is a house bill that gives the attorney general to take the right of anyone it deems a “possible terrorist” to purchase or own weapons. (HR 2159...PDF) This is bad if you combine it with the previously mentioned right wing extremism report. This is horrible. Our rights are slowly melting away. Those of you who would argue that it's ok, because it's just targeting terrorists are ignorant. People wanting to do bad and illegal things will always find a way to get weapons, regardless of laws. I could further say against this sort of thing is that the whole difference between long and short rifles and pistols as per the rules governing people building their own's all really stupid, convoluted, and infringes upon our constitutional rights.

Oh, and don't get me started talking about the Builderburgs...firstly, those members of the US government who go to such a meeting are violating the Logan Act by meeting with foreign leaders on an unsanctioned basis in order to plan the fate of the world. They should be imprisoned on a felony. Whether or not they have this “New World Order” in store for the world or not, they still are the same rich elite globalists who control everything by means of dumbing down the population with television, buy out the politicians, and make sure that the majority of the people of the world are passive dumb animals that they can herd around...

That said, I have things a brewing...looking for a job, fixing on my project car, and maintaining my pickup. Other than that, I'm bored and on a bad sleep schedule.

Friday, 17 April 2009
This has to be a combination of the most scary, but yet cool and captivating things I've seen in a while.

Still Chugging Along!
Monday, 30 March 2009
Despite the lack of new projects and posts, I'm still here, and still plan on doing fun posts in the future, I just have been weighted down lately with the next 4 weeks being the last weeks of this semester...class projects, finals, and more all are contributing to the lack of anything knowledgeable or fun being posted lately.

Until I come back, look at failblog's hilarious.
New Internet Money Method
Thursday, 19 February 2009
I talk about SEO, Internet Marketing, and other such tactics around here all the time, but purposely never offer all the pieces to the plan so that you develop strategies and techniques on your own for better success. If you'd rather just have a system that's set out for you that works, I suggest the Google Money Tree. They'll tell you all about it before you actually buy it, but you have to request the info. Upon request, you'll get a nice kit that tells you everything you need to know about making big bank off of Google.

This setup will help you go from poor to rich with a lot less effort than climbing up the corporate ladder or flipping burgers.

Click here to give it a try.
An Analysis of
Saturday, 31 January 2009

I was recently notified that an analysis paper was written about my site here, which honors me. I think this is the second one, as someone also cited this crazy place for the thermite article, which guides the reader on making it. Anyway, this was written by a nice guy named Brennon, and you can see his blog by clicking here.

And yes, I am slightly OCD.

Thesis: I don't directly state a thesis but it is How Matt Parnell is appealing and why his blog is good.

Today, there are hundreds upon thousands of blogs taking up space on the internet. If it exists, more than likely is it blogged about. Topics range from technology to personal information, music to cooking, science to religion, and whatever else you can think of. I, myself, tend to be into all things technology and, when searching for a blog to do my analysis, I came across a web-blog that seemed rather interesting. It was named “Matt Parnell’s Brain: Plugged In!” and after careful analysis, I can concur that this truly is a good blog for internet techies everywhere.

First things first, the moment you go to the website you are greeted with a welcome message towards the top of the webpage. The welcome message gets right to the point and says this, “Welcome to my site. I usually write about technology, such as>satellite television descrambling, comparing Linux and Windows, and I also talk about other things when they fit my fancy. I currently have two past articles in 2600, regarding Internet Archeology, as well as Blackhat SEO. I also am interested in collecting SURGE merchandise, and enjoy all things Power Rangers and Super Sentai” (Parnell). The statement alone defines him, what he usually writes about, and what his whole purpose is for running that website.

However, he defines himself even more by the style he has setup for the website. It all looks very neat and organized, as well as the color scheme seems to make everything look perfect, which could give off the impression that maybe he is a bit OCD or is just a perfectionist. Next, is how does he appeal to a certain demographic? He does it in a few ways. The first is with his welcome statement. By already stating what he usually talks about, he is getting rid of all people who are either not interest in technology, or just do not care what his website has to say. The second is by reading his about section. In it he states, “I am a devout Evangelical Christian, first, and foremost. I enjoy anything to do with hacking, cracking, modding, cooking, technical stuff, music, dumpster diving, etc. I may post some vocal music samples sometime, just for kicks”(Parnell) By showing all the things that enjoys, the reader can then compare that to their own likes and dislikes, then decide if they want to continue to browse the website or not. The final thing that gets a certain demographic in is the fact that he is some what knowledgeable in internet culture. In his about section there is a picture of him wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and you can link that to a certain internet group whom will not be named. Also he wrote a blog about Guy Fawkes Day, which was the 5th of November. With all three of those techniques, he is able to bring in a fairly mixed group of visitors to his website.

However, what is the point of his website? Matt stated in his about section, “I created this site with the intention of just letting it be an extension of my brain. It isn't as much a blog as it is my brain in a very organized detail.” (Parnell) That statement shows his whole purpose, which is to blog about whatever he feels like. I believe the message he is trying to bring to the masses is to just see what kind of technology Matt Parnell is going to write about today or, what other random thing is he going to do. He must be writing about the right things because he has been around since 2006. Overall, Matt Parnell is just one example of what a good, organized blog should look and be like. He has managed to stay up to date for the most part for the past three years, and he continues to deliver his technological messages in a very timely manner. Hopefully, one day we can all follow in Mr. Parnell’s blogging foot steps.

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