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Mac Makeup - Great Tool
Saturday, 09 September 2006
This little program is for those of us who are "network professionals," or those who wear a hat a little darker than white. It is called Mac Makeup. I know that there are scores of other tools to change your MAC address. This one is a great one though.  It will change ANY NETWORK INTERFACE's MAC address. Wireless or wired, it can do it. You can enter one on your own, have it randomize the entire address, or just have it randomize the manufacturer portion of the address. Best of all, it is small, compact, and to the point. No useless "extra features" that add to bloat. Give it a try! Its great for when you get locked out of a wifi network. I have used this tool  many times to bypass those blocks, and have had no trouble since. Did I mention that its free? Oh yeah...just did.

Get Mac Makeup (Softpedia)
Adblock, Filterset.G - Howto
Friday, 08 September 2006
I have seen and heard of many people as of late complaining about advertisements. Heck, today on Digg, someone posted this: "Too Many Ads Not Enough Content" in reference to PC Magazine's site. There are still those who haven't heard of adblock, or anything of the sort. If you are one of those, and are tired of the ads, fear not, and read on.

 You must have Firefox to remove any advertisements effectively. Firefox is a browser, an alternative that is superior to Internet Explorer in many ways. To get Firefox, either use the button at the left, or go to Mozilla Update. Proceed to install Firefox, and then continue below.l.

Getting What you Need
 To install Adblock Plus, click here. (You may have to click the little yellow bar if it appears and allow the site to install the extension). It will pop up a window and will count down, and then an install button will appear. Click install, and do not restart the browser quite yet, first do what is below:

You need to download the Filterset.G updater. Get it here. Install it as you did the previous extension, and click restart. When you open Firefox back up, you will get a dialog that tells you filterset.g is successfully installed, and the option to configure it. It is easier to configure now than any other time, but if you choose not to, go to the tools menu, and click filterset.g updater. I personally have mine set to automatically update and give no dialogs about it. Completely transparent.

Once that is done, you are good to go! Surf to a page full of ads. You shouldn't see any. If you do, right click on it, and in the menu that pops up click on "adblock this item." In the dialog that pops up, you see the url to the ad image. If it comes from, you want to use a wildcard. To do so, change the string to this "*. Then hit "Ok" with the next dialog. You won't see ads from that folder again.

Sometimes, sneaky flash files or scripts sneak past adblock. You can't right click some of them. To get rid of them, you can click the text in the bottom right corner of your screen that says adblock. Look for a stirng that appears to be the ad..(ex. Then adblock it.

If you have trouble with other annoying SWF files, try Flashblocj, Get it at

Since you now have Firefox up an running, you can configure it to do many neat things. Some neat extensions to check out include Greasemonkey, Amazing media Browser, Noscript, Fasterfox, Fireftp, and many others. Have fun!
Sick of Adobe Reader? So am I.
Friday, 08 September 2006

When I recently reloaded Windows onto one of my laptops, I decided that I would get everything pristine, and then make an image so that I wouldn't have to go through the trouble of all of that work again. So, I proceeded to install all of my programs that I commonly use, Firefox and extensions, etc. When I got to the point that I needed to install a PDF reader, I really didn't wan't Adobe Reader on my system ever again. It constantly tries to update, and when it updates, it installs the Yahoo toolbar, which is crapware (although I don't use IE, it still takes my resources). Also, Adobe Reader is now gigantic in size, and extremely slow. Its browser integration into firefox sucks. So, what did I do? I searched for an alternative. I found foxit reader. Its free, and it has a super small footprint compared to Adobe Acrobat. It even loads large PDF files quickly. It doesn't integrate into firefox, but I really don't want that, because usually PDFs crash firefox anyway. Instead, Firefox sees it as the default PDF reader, and gives you the option to open it in Foxit. All in all, this is a great little program!

Info Commonly Sold on eBay
Friday, 08 September 2006

I have had some of this in my archives for ages, waiting to be shared once I had a website up and running. That time is now. So, I present to you: Information that is commonly sold on eBay, but isn't copyrighted, and is really common knowledge. The second two items (the zip files) haven't ever been out on the web for free! Enjoy!

First off, we have

100 Inch Projector TV Plans - pdf ... This shows you how to create a projector from a regular TV with a page magnifyer. It works, but really sucks.

"Info From eBay - zip file ... In this zip file, you will find a lot of information, and one of the documents tells you how to commit mail fraud to get free stuff. This is highly illegal, as well as stupid. Don't do it, I am not responsible for your stupidity if you commit it, or perform anything else illegal that could be inside these files.

DSS Stuff - zip file ... This zip has some documents detailing getting free satellite TV. Again, this is info purposes only stuff, and you shouldn't do it. If you do try this, it isn't my fault when you get arrested.

UPDATE: I have just found a website that has more of this information. See it here:

SWGEMU Combat Videos
Friday, 08 September 2006

Here are the videos! Thanks to my unnamed source for them!

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