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My Current Boot Time in Linux - 12s after Post
Tuesday, 29 September 2009
Using 2.6.31-zen2 with the BTRFS filesystem, as well as running without an initrd and having all of my modules compiled in with a kernel size of 630kb uncompressed, I can say my machine is good in latency, speed, and efficiency...

It's an HP DV9205US, and if you'd like to see my .config sometime (it works on many different HP laptops, though you may have to tweak it or use different drivers), and produces a beauty of a kernel.

Here's my bootchart:

In Honor of the Current WootOff: Bag of Crap Alarm Version 0.02
Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Ever since woot changed their design, my script has been broken. Since we have a wootoff going on now, I've refined and updated it so that once more it works.

I've removed a feature in the public version that runs your browser of choice with the buy now link in order to quash the competition, and so that you can learn a little bit if you desire this feature...add it yourself! It's just one line of code.

To use this, you need a UNIX style shellscript interpreter, sed, grep, curl, and play, though you could use any equivalent program for these to mod the script to work on other OS'es than Mac and Linux.

Download by clicking here, and see the below for the code, should you want to look it over.


#Wootwatch Alarm v0.02
#Written by Matt Parnell/ilikenwf
#This is totally free, take it and mod it however you wish, under the GNU GPLv3.
#This script goes every 3 sec to woot and checks for a bag of crap. If found, it sounds an alarm.

clear &

while [ $i -lt "1" ]
        r=`expr $r + 1`   
        WOOT=`curl -s -f`
        ITEM=`echo $WOOT | /bin/sed 's/.*<h2 class="fn"[^>]*>\([^>]*\)<\/h2>.*/\1/'`
        BUY=`echo $WOOT | grep -o WantOne.aspx?id=.[[:alnum:]]*-[[:alnum:]]*-[[:alnum:]]*-[[:alnum:]]*-[[:alnum:]]*`
        echo ""
        if echo $ITEM | grep "Random\ Crap"; then
            play -q alarm.mp3 &
            echo ""
            echo "BOC FOUND after $r runs."

            AVAIL=`echo $WOOT | grep -o "width:[[:alnum:]]*\%'><" | grep -o "[[:alnum:]]*\%"`
            echo "Current item: "
            echo $ITEM
            echo ""
            echo "Price: $`echo $WOOT | /bin/sed 's/.*<span class="amount"[^>]*>\([^>]*\)<\/span>.*/\1/'`"
                        if echo $AVAIL |grep [[:alnum:]] > /dev/null; then
                echo "Available: $AVAIL"
                echo "SOLD OUT"
            echo ""
            echo "$BUY"
            echo "-------------------------------"
            echo "This script has run $r Times."
            sleep 1 && clear



PSPP: An Opensource Clone of SPSS
Tuesday, 15 September 2009
SPSS is way too expensive for a student in Intro to Statistics (me). Most of the class remains a confusion to me despite my previous successes in math classes. Furthermore, I really don't want to have to use the public computer labs here on campus with the dirty keyboards and mice, as well as the small screen resolution, and of course, Windows (nobody in their right mind really wants to use Windows). In an effort to prevent having to take my work to the lab, I went seeking a solution. I could have illegally cracked the SPSS demo, but I really don't like to do such things, and don't encourage it...

Wow, SEO Is Time Intensive Sometimes
Saturday, 05 September 2009
I've been working on a large array of projects lately, and all seem to take up time. I'm back in school, but that really doesn't hinder me that much except for the time I spend in class...furthermore, I make good use of the 30 Megabit Down / 7 Megabit up internet connection.

Wordpress updates and plugin updates were first on the docket. That took plenty of time across my sites, and then I proceeded to play with some new plugins like CosHTMLCache (which broke RSS on a couple of the sites so I reverted to WP-Super-Cache), and I also have started using twitterposter to promote my posts, which has made a good increase in traffic and AdSense clicks.

After that I have just been tinkering and considering whether I should put up more sites, or try to start working on my all in one blackhat SEO command center in an effort to automate as much as I can from site creation, to promotion, to maintenance and tracking, as well as ad placement and management (probably integrate OpenX in some way for that one....).

All in all, I feel I'm on the upswing, though I still stink at getting many CPA conversions...I just don't understand what I'm doing wrong. I'd say the techniques I hear of are often so old that they are saturated or dead, so I guess I need to find a place that doesn't have a bunch of whining n00bs, and enough activity to actually warrant me joining and discussing techniques that work.

In the end, it's all more of a playground than anything...I still have tons of unused domains to do something with...I'll never run out of things to do.
Pinecone Research Working Signup Link
Thursday, 20 August 2009
I know people who do this, and it is legitimate and pays fast.

What you do is fill out surveys, and get paid $3 ( or $5?) per survey you do for market research. The great thing is, you just keep doing them, and keep getting paid. They payout via paypal and checks.

Sign up here, and hope you get accepted!

Good luck!
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