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Auto Repair in the Ozarks
Sunday, 08 July 2007
This photo is of a 1963 Rambler American parts car that my Dad and I have been stripping for parts. See anything dangerous in the picture? It is held on one side by a chain hooked to a tractor, and supported on the other side by a couple of boards..And yes, we have been crawling underneath taking stuff apart. Did I mention this thing is heavy- made of entirely steel.

Car Progress
Tuesday, 03 July 2007
Pictures to come later, but the engine is back in! It looks good, and although I don't have it ready to start yet, I am pumped! Besides that, I finally got around to removing the seats, so that I can repair the floorpans. The fronts are totally rotted away, so I have a bit of work to do there with rivets and sheetmetal (after cutting the rotten away, and rust converting/primering the rest. Then, I will use truck bedliner on the completed floorboards to permanently protect them from rust for the rest of all eternity. I will try to post some pictures a little later!
The 5 Personalities of Digg
Friday, 29 June 2007
It never ceases to amaze me, but there really seems that there are several personality types that Diggers fit in. Good or bad, every Digger has at least one element of these personalities. Whatever the case, do you fit into any of them?

"Joe Digg" - a regular on the Digg who uses it for news, and their entire social life. They tend to be Digg fanboys, and watch Diggnation religiously.
Likes: Environmental Protection, Technology, Activism for Various Topics, Apple
Dislikes: Bush, Conservatives, Republicans, Microsoft

"Troll/Troublemaker" - may or may not be a regular on Digg, but has one purpose: to argue. They don't really care what it is about, they can argue or make trouble about it.
Likes: Getting into arguments with other Diggers
Dislikes: Lots of things, if you go by their comments, otherwise, they only dislike getting banned

"Political Idealist" - The political idealist is either a Left or Right wing extremist who uses Digg to voice their opinion and push their ideas.
Likes: Promoting their causes, sometimes for personal gain, other times for intrinsic value
Dislikes: Being silenced or opposed

"Apple Fanboy" - These Diggers love Apple and Apple products more than life itself.
Likes: Apple! OMGoSh! I want an iPhone!
Dislikes: Everything Microsoft

"Spammer/Self Promoter" - The Spammer/Self promoter is either a robot, or an individual. They still Digg stories they like, and comment about things (sometimes), but they have a deeper purpose - promote themselves. They usually use Digg to gain visitors and backlinks, and rarely submit anything that isn't from one of their sites.
Likes: Digging themselves (sometimes with multiple accounts), getting traffic, AdSense clicks
Dislikes: Dealing with Digg's admins
My Engine...After Paint
Thursday, 28 June 2007
I finally got my engine totally clean, and masked it all off, and painted it. Note that the masked area at the top is going to be bright red (original color), but I will paint it after I put the engine in, as some adjustments have to be done under there anyway. As for the metal hoses, and the exhaust manifold, I will put some more silver onto them later, after the grey paint dries. Look here for a before shot. Behold! The AMC 195.5 (196) OHV Engine!

Page Load Times, Anyone?
Wednesday, 27 June 2007
I am using the Joomla Page Cache component coupled with APC, however I don't have the Page Cache module itself using APC (although it can), instead it uses the database. I am allowing APC to cache PHP scripts own its own, and this seems to be faster than having the component manage APC, at least in my situation (using Dreamhost). The only time a page may hang is when APC and/or Page Cache haven't cached something on the page yet. Please be patient, as the majority of pages will load in no time! I have to thank mousee of the Dreamhost forums, whose site is here (free plug for the help).

One thing: I would appreciate it if you could post your load time (or if you think page loading was fast or slow, if you don't have a load time clock) in the comments below this post. Thanks, and happy browsing!
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