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About Me
Friday, 24 November 2006
Hello! My name is Matt Parnell, and I live on the Internet. I am a Christ follower by faith, and a web programmer by profession. I enjoy writing code for work and play, hacking, learning in general, working on open source software, and gaining new knowledge.

One article I wrote on Internet Archeology was chosen for publication in the magazine 2600 The Hacker Quarterly. I wrote another article covering Blackhat SEO for the same. Some of my projects and those I contribute to have also been included in Linux User magazine, amongst others.

I work with/on Linux and open source software on a regular basis, and am constantly promoting Archlinux and the zen kernel. I also wrote the apt-fast shellscript, and contribute to the Nightingale Media Player project, a fork of Songbird.

I seek to use my site to share knowledge and new ideas with as many people as possible. Please note a style upgrade is incoming, as the thing looks like a cheap imitation of the web2.0 style from 10 years ago.


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